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I'm Chris Beckstrom. I make sounds.


I built a modular synthesizer

...and so can you!

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I make all kinds of music

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About Me

I'm a musician, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and lover of sounds.
I release a handful of albums every year (full discography here)
I built a modular synthesizer from scratch without any electronics experience.
I'm a volunteer, an activist, and an LGBTQ+ ally
I'm a friendly atheist, a board member of Center for Inquiry–Michigan, and the founder of the Alto Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
I like to ferment stuff, code stuff, and am constantly learning new things
I love to fish (I have a blog originally devoted to the subject), forage, hike, kayak, camp, and be outside
I'm the Head Fixer of Stuff at ChartCapture

Back in Chicago I taught Music Technology for grad students at Columbia College Chicago
I also played hundreds of gigs on saxophone and keyboards throughout the midwest, especially in Chicagoland
I Earned an MFA in Film Scoring from the same place
Before that, I got BAs in Music and Spanish from Western Michigan University

I'm from Flint, Michigan and currently reside just outside Grand Rapids in lovely rural Alto, surrounded by cornfields and cows
I have a wife named Claire, a dog named Walter, and a studio full of musical instruments

Shoot me an email at or follow me on Twitter. Let's be friends!