Chris Beckstrom

Fiercely Eclectic Michigan Producer • Activist • Maker • Generalist


nanobeckstrom EP (2017)

glitch, experimental electronic, ambient, dub techno, techno, noise

Mixtape (Summer 2017) (2017)

house, techno, electro, experimental electronic

Adventures in Sound Volume 3: Experiments (2017)

avant garde, experimental, experimental electronic

Cycle (2016)

techno, house, experimental electronic, industrial techno

Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Volume 8 (2016)

tons of different styles

Adventures in Sound Vol. 2: Broken Spaceship (2016)

experimental electronic, ambient, modular synthesizer

Adventures in Sound, Vol. 1: Homebrew (2016)

experimental electronic, ambient, modular synthesizer

Stand Up! (2016)

hip-hop, rap, left-field hip-hop, experimental hip-hop

Super Bernie (2016)

electronic, video game, score

Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Vol. 7 (2015)

lots of styles

Layers (2015)

electronic, jazz, world, house, funk

December (2015)

electronic, house, jazz, disco

Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Vol. 6 (2014)

lots of styles

The Colors (2014)


Happy Accidents (2014)

hip-hop, left-field hip-hop, experimental, electronic, techno

Lost (2014)

hip-hop, left-field hip-hop, experimental, electronic

Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Vol. 5 (2013)

lots of styles

Fish On! (2013)

hip-hop, rap, left-field hip-hop, fishing rap

Beck Funk (2013)

funk, R&B

Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Vol. 4 (2012)

lots of styles

Beck Dub (2012)

reggae, dub

Disk Too Slow (2012)

experimental electronic, glitch, techno, IDM

Sidewalk Chalk - Corner Store (2012)

hip-hop, rap, R&B, jazz

tenor saxophone

POWER UP! (2012)

chiptune, 8-bit, videogame

Beckstrom Holiday Extraganza Vol. 3 (2011)

lots of styles

Nicole Garza - Reinvented (2011)

pop, rock, R&B

tenor saxophone

Two Pieces for Eight Bass Clarinets (2011)

classical, minimalism

Tom Knific - The Muse (2011)


tenor saxophone

R00ts - Electronic Stuff 2003-2010

electronic, drum and bass, IDM, left-field, experimental

Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Vol. 2 (2010)

lots of styles

Voices of Faith - Original Score (2010)

film score, african

Chris Plays Christmas (2009)

lots of styles

RIP - Original Score (2009)

film score, horror

The Accordion EP (2009)

polka, jazz

Assault of the Senses (2009)

hip-hop, rap

Ronnie Appleseed - Original Score (2009)

film score, country

part of the 48 Hour Film Project 2009

WMU Advanced Jazz Combo - Rhythm Spirit (2009)


tenor and baritone saxophones

Tom Knific - Lines of Influence (2009)


tenor saxophone, composer

Gum and Get It - Original Score (2008)

film score, orchestral, classical

Recorded at Capitol Records, Los Angeles, California

Orchestra conducted by Eimear Noone

Silent Noise - Original Score (2008)

film score, ambient

Will Compose for Grades (2008)

film score

Hermano - Original Score (2008)

film score

Benje Daneman - The Gwen Project (2008)

jazz, world, folk

composer, saxophone, clarinet, melodica

What is a Canepa? Original Score (2008)

film score

Winner: Best Score - PAH Fest 2008

The Yellow Boat - Original Score (2007)

film score, theater

Hermit - Original Score (2007)

film score, electronic

Martez Rucker - The Chicago Suite Vol. 1: My City (2007)


tenor saxophone

Gold Company - Absolute Integrity (2006)

vocal jazz

tenor saxophone

Riverside Church Praise Band - We Worship You (2006)

praise and worship, contemporary Christian

tenor saxophone

The Sound of Art (2006)

big band, jazz

featuring the WMU Jazz Orchestra

Western Michigan University Jazz Orchestra - Boogaloo Land (2005)

big band, jazz


Me, Myself, and I (2004)


Downbeat '04 (2004)

jazz, funk, electronic


AP Quintet - The 26th (2003)


tenor saxophone