commute home 10″ bass, not too shabby

Turns out there is more than one bass in the little pond!

this guy needs to cut back

Stopped by for 20 minutes on my way home from work, landed 2 nice big bluegill and a great looking 10″ LMB. For the first time I ever I saw a ton of minnows near the surface, perhaps having a feast on all the stuff washed into the pond from the storm that had just passed.  I watched the surface and saw big wakes moving around, then the baitfish freaking out. I cast just past the wakes, reeled in a little, and caught three nice fish.

The bass I caught was definitely not the one I caught earlier, but could have been the one my friend Mark caught a few weeks back… So there are at least 2 bass in there, but based on the number of wakes, I think there might be more!

Nice looking bass

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