I’m going to attempt a short post.

I realize I often write and write and write, probably to the point of rambling. I’m going to try a new thing here, and write a short, succinct post. This trip is a good candidate for that, since not much happened.

Even though there was a cold front coming through (I was in a kayak in Beck Lake when it happened, and let me tell you it was definitely cold) I had to get out and do some more exploring. My kayak was already strapped to my car, and my waders were already in the trunk, so I headed out. I stopped by Salt Creek a few days ago to check it out, but had a hard time getting into the water. I figured I’d take the kayak out, and if I found some fishy spots I could get out and wade.

While I unloaded the kayak, a forest preserve officer in a truck watched me. I wondered if I was doing something wrong and was about to get a ticket or something. Once I got the kayak to the water, he moved along. Got the yak in the creek, two rods in the rod holders, waders on, fishing vest stuffed with gear, and off I went.

Kayakin’ the Salt

This was the first time I’ve kayaked with waders, and I love it. I got out of the yak about 15 times to fish promising spots, but didn’t get even a hit. I’m sure the cold front doesn’t help. I’ve heard of pike, musky, and even smallies in the creek, but I’ve only caught panfish and tiny largemouth bass in it so far. I threw some inline spinners (I love how they look in current), jigs and twisters, tubes, cranks, but nothing.

It was a nice paddle up the creek, and it was fun to float back, casting the whole way. A lot of the creek where I was had a very rocky bottom, which is very different from the bottom farther north. Where I usually fish it it’s a mucky mud bottom. The water down here was also much clearer, about a foot of visibility. Although residential areas surround the creek, at times I felt like I was much farther away from civilization. Except for the jumbo jets flying overhead every five minutes on their way to O’hare, the busiest airport in the world, a few miles to the east.

I spent about two hours in the creek, and it was a very enjoyable experience. I saw plenty of baitfish, so I’m sure there are gamefish around. I found the baitfish by trying to read the water, to figure out where fish might be… And at least as far as baitfish are concerned, I found them! Now I just have to find whoever is eating the baitfish. I’d love to catch some nice bass wading in a stream 15 minutes from my house…. I’ll definitely be back.

I hit the retention pond on the way home, and nada there too. Oh well, the season is just starting, and I’m getting tons of casting practice.

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