A nice fishing spot

This is my attempt at a short post.

Fished a little bit yesterday on the lakefront. I’d read a few reports that there might be some smallie action on the lake. I’ve yet to catch one there, and I can’t wait to the find them. They get super big in the lake!

Got some little hits on a little white jig and twister, I wondered if the goby were finally back and active after the strange winter. Turns out, there were. You may remember Mr. Goby as my sometimes nemesis and sometimes savior-from-the-skunk last year.

What can I say? A fish is a fish, and I enjoy catching them. Even gobies.  

A little later I fished the Chicago river while waiting for my little sis to arrive via Amtrak. Got a few nips on the same twister, got a few stronger ones on a brick-colored texas-rigged chigger craw near a piling, but nobody would commit. Seemed like 20 people asked me if there were any fish in the river. I was happy to share with them the huge variety of fish you can catch there- unfortunately I couldn’t demonstrate since I was skunked.

Only fished for about a half hour each time, but as always it was good to get out. With this series of thunderstorms rolling through, I’m at a loss how to approach fishing this weekend… or if I even should! Everything I’ve read tells me rain is good fishing, but thunder makes bad fishing for at least a day afterwards.

I’ll probably just go fishing and find out.

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