Spoiler alert: I caught a big green sunfish

There are so many bodies of water. Seriously, go to google maps and check out where you live. All those little blue areas- there are almost certainly fish in all of them! At least that’s how I feel lately, having discovered some exciting fishing in Salt Creek. I’ve been wondering what other bodies of water right under my nose are teeming with fish…

Today during lunch I strolled down the street to a tiny pond not even a quarter mile away. Last night on a walk with Walter I noticed a distinct lack of “NO FISHING” signs. There were only “DO NOT MOW! NATIVE GRASSES!” signs. Not sure exactly what that means, but it sounds like something I approve of. I am not a fan of the ridiculously manicured suburban lawns that surround me (including my own, which is maintained by the neighborhood association). Why not keep the native plants around? They are nice looking and perfectly at home in this climate. I bet they also give local wildlife a lot better homes than bushes trimmed into cubes and spheres. But I digress.

I wasn’t expecting much from this pond- it’s about the size of a basketball court, probably smaller. I don’t really know anything about basketball or the size of courts it’s played on. I casually walked up to the pond, tossed out a texas-rigged white twister tail, and let it sink.

Immediately I had a fish on. No setting of the hook needed. It hit the lure like a missile.

The next four or five casts were the same way. Every cast a fish. Small but incredibly aggressive fish. Awesome! A few casts went without a fish retrieved, and then I felt a giant tug on the line. Could it be a bass? It felt a lot bigger than the others.

I reeled in the biggest green sunfish I’d ever seen. It was a monster! Probably 9″ long, maybe longer, and a mouth like a largemouth bass. This dude was considerably larger than every other fish I’d caught so far. A veritable giant. I’ve caught plenty of smallies around that size; in my book, quite a catch. Especially from a tiny shallow pond down the street.

9″+ green sunfish, my personal best for that species

In the next 35 minutes I caught a total of 17 green sunfish. I switched to a green t-rigged worm and continued to catch them, although not as many. I caught all sizes from the 9″ monster to a little guy who inhaled the whole worm.

Over-achiever (the worm is longer than he is)

After the 17th fish, which is more fish than I’ve ever caught in a single outing as far as I can remember, I made the 2 minute walk back to my house to eat some lunch and go back to work.

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