At ten after six this morning I was sitting in the cabin drinking coffee. It appeared nobody else was awake yet. Maybe all the whiskey and beer took its toll.
I looked out onto Intermediate Lake, near Bellaire, Michigan. The wind was still pretty crazy, but the rising sun was making everything real pretty.
Eventually the other fishing gentlemen made their way to the kitchen where we all enjoyed our various morning beverages. Pretty soon we were in the boat, headed across the lake to parts unknown.
I was the first too hook up- got a nice largemouth on a t-rigged plastic worm just outside some weeds. Great way to start the morning!

At some point, without much fanfare or excitement, I pulled out my first lake smallie. Well, in the interest of accuracy it’s my second (my first was also on this lake, that first time I really went fishing, but I didn’t know what it was). Naturally, I caught it on a tube jig!

We worked our way along the weeds, Rob and Luke both hooking into some fish. Eventually we found a nice spot (and by we I mean Luke), a quick dropoff that seemed to be filled with fish. Pretty soon Rob pulled out a walleye- not a huge one, but only the second walleye I’d ever seen in person. Awesome.
We stayed there for a while, where I learned a new (to me) technique called dropshotting. I think I’d done it before but didn’t know what it was called; weight on the bottom, a hook a foot up, some night crawler on the hook.
Luke and Rob proceeded to completely SLAY the population of huge rockbass swimming around under us. I’d seen one or two that big, maybe, but these guys were pulling them in left and right. They will most likely end up as delicious fish tacos this weekend. I’m sure they lived a good life, and I’m sure they’ll be very tasty.
And then (maybe before the rock bass? Hard to remember..) Rob hooks into something big. Out of the corner of my eye I see his rod bend as if he caught a tree. There was a big splash, and I saw a big flash under the water.
When he pulled the giant fish out of the water all I remember is shouting a single extremely loud profanity.

There was other stuff that happened after that, but I don’t remember what it was. All I can think of is that giant fish. Probably the biggest, fattest pig of a smallmouth bass I’ve ever seen.


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