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Sometimes I wonder what kind of blog it is I have here.
Many of these posts are about fishing, lures, kayaking; outdoor stuff like that. Stuff that’s new to me, and things I’m learning as I go.
And then there are posts like this, which have nothing to do with fishing or the outdoors:Posts about music, which is certainly not new to me. I’ve long been obsessed with it, long before fishing.
I realize I have disparate interests, and I’d be lucky to find a reader who is equally interested in both shallow-diving crankbait technique and how to tweak a low frequency oscillator to exactly mimic the sound of a video game console. The strangeness is not lost on me… But I can’t help like the things I like, so I write about them.
Lately I’ve been very interested in 1) fishing the river, and 2) everything 8-bit videogame related, specifically the music. Yesterday evening I made a cover of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September;” today after work I reworked another one of my favorites, “Girl from Ipanema.”
Yes it’s overdone, yes the original gets played in elevators, but none of that changes the fact it is an extremely well constructed song- and I love it. No hipster irony here; I really do love it. And, as faithful readers know, when I love something I want to try and do it myself. I’ve done at least one recorded version before; this one is quite different.


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