There’s a spot I’ve been wanting to fish, for some reason I haven’t gotten around to it. Yesterday evening I headed out, joining rush hour traffic for a few minutes, and then I parked in lot that was suspiciously devoid of “unauthorized vehicles will be towed at owner’s expense” signs.
I walked across the street, made my way through tall brush and trees, and I was at the pond.
On the end of my line was a lure I carved earlier in the day. At lunch I cut off a piece of cedar with my coping saw, widdled it into shape with a hobby knife, sanded and smoothed it with my Dremel, drilled holes for the hardware, and dry-fitted the screws and bill. I figured I’d check out how it fished before I painted it, so I left it au naturel. I couldn’t find any hooks, so I took a brown bucktail-dressed treble hook off a spinner and stuck it on the end of the cedar crankbait.

My first few casts were just a few feet in front of me, so I could see how the lure ran. I loved it immediately. On this lure, I didn’t put a line tie coming out of the main body; I just added a split ring to the metal bill and tied on to that. I’ve been learning that doing that has the effect of intensifying the wobble on any given lure.
What a great action! As I watched it wobble like crazy, the single dressed treble hook flopping wildly. In the water, I barely noticed it was unpainted. Out of the water, I enjoyed looking at the pretty natural wood.
A few casts later, there was suddenly a fish the end of my line.
After a short battle, marveled, I pulled out a nice little largemouth bass I caught in a completely new spot on a completely unpainted lure.

Yes, that’s right. Another bass slammed into a lure that looked like a little piece of sanded wood. This isn’t the first time I’ve caught fish on unpainted lures. In fact, I think this is the 5th or 6th in the past few months.
In case, for some reason, there are readers who doubt the accuracy of this account, here’s as much proof as I can offer:

So my question now is this: was that a dumb bass, was the wood-color somehow attractive, or is it really all about the action?
I lean toward action, personally.
I’m so happy with how this one turned out, I made a little video:

I also put together some image galleries of the lures I’ve been making. Want to see them? Head over here for crankbaits, and here for spinners. I have a couple flies and jigs up there too.

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