As I suspected, this fly is fish-catcher

Even though it was 39°F and raining; even though the wind was blowing SW at 12 mph; even though it felt super cold and I knew the weekend would be warmer, I went fishing anyway.
Every time I go fishing I learn something new. Today was no different. I thought about going to the local pond where I caught the fairly big bass the other day on a little fly, but instead I went to a spot on Salt Creek that isn’t too hard to shore fish from. There’s really only one spot- on the opposite bank, behind some branches, there are always fish. I know from wading that stretch that it’s a lot deeper than you’d think- this summer it was more than four feet deep. Now, with the bit of rain we’ve been having, it’s certainly deeper.
I tried a bunch of flies, and caught fish on most of them. I wanted to see which ones would work on a cold, cloudy, slightly windy day. It wasn’t too bright, so I figured darker flies would work better.
Although I did catch some fish on my new favorite fly (black and red with a brass beadhead) the hits weren’t as fast and furious as with anything white or light colored.
My new favorite fly- caught a fish!

The key today seemed to be small, light colored flies- if they were shiny, they got hit even more quickly. It worked best to dead-drift them; when I tried stripping them in, the fish paid no attention. Perhaps when I stripped, it took the fly out of their strike zone. I fished a lot of little nymphs and some of my new favorite wet flies/hairwings (or are they streamers?).
I tied on a white and yellow Humpy dry fly. I was curious whether they would hit a fly at the top of the water. As it slowly drifted over where I knew the fish were, I supposed they wouldn’t take it. Topwater and cold weather don’t seem to go together.
And then I saw at least three fish swim up and smash into the fly with a huge splash! It was awesome.
I love seeing the flash of fish as they attack my little flies. I wasn’t really counting, but I think I got at least ten fish in about 20 minutes.
Not too bad for a pretty cold November day.

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