As the year winds down, I still find myself outside with a line in the water.

A rare third-person view of yours truly
A rare third-person view of yours truly

The activity on local message boards has died down; most ponds in the area have frozen over, and bits of snow have found their way into the grasses and bushes. I haven’t seen anybody out fishing in weeks. Am I a crazy person, standing out there with a fly rod?
Had a great Christmas with family; ate a bunch of great food, had some good times, and of course got some new gear. A bunch of books on fishing (including Ray Bergman’s classic “Trout” and a ridiculously complete fishing encyclopedia), an electric guitar, and a little tiny GoPro camera.
I’ve been playing with the camera, experimenting with the WiFi-control, the various resolutions, the time-lapse features; it’s a pretty awesome little camera. At about 2 ounces, it’s meant to be mounted or worn. It seems marketed to surfers, snowboarders, and motocross riders, but I know there is a contingent of fisherman who use it as well. It comes with a waterproof case that so far has allowed me to get a few underwater shots.
I’ve always wondered what it looks like down there.
I fished the creek the other day, hoping to find some green sunfish. I knew they were there, it was simply a matter of figuring out what could convince them to bite. I fished with the Beckstrom Special for a while, but didn’t get even a tap. As soon as I switched to a #12 Hare’s Ear Nymph I started catching fish. It’s pretty interesting to me; usually the fish at this spot prefer brighter colors and more action. Not when it’s cold, apparently.
A CB-tied Gold-ribbed hare’s ear nymph

Of course I brought along my GoPro, wearing it around my neck on a rope, dunking it in the water; at one point I rested it in a tree to capture some “action shots.” When I got home I grabbed the video, threw it into Final Cut, and have been trying to learn video editing.
Reminds me of those film classes I took as a grad student studying film scoring.
Watching videos on the Orvis “Friday Fly Fishing Film Festival” has inspired me to go out there and document my adventures with video. I obviously enjoying writing about fishing, but as I sit here watching some really inspiring movies on Vimeo, I want to make some of these fancy movies too.

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