Yesterday was one of those very frustrating fishing days.
I had a not quite an hour to fish, and every other cast sent the fly into the eager branches of nearby trees. I fell down the muddy bank more than I care to admit. I got so wrapped up in my fly line I almost tripped into the water. At one point a fist-sized blob of mud became entangled in my line; untangling it took what seemed like hours.
However, I caught seven fish on little flies at the end of January. One bluegill on a recently tied reverse guinea hackled fly, and the other six on my lucky black foam beetle.

Some new CB flies

It felt like Spring; the birds were chirping, I didn’t really need my winter jacket, and the fish seemed fairly active. The smell of wet mud reminded me of April, but the lack of green sprouts and glimpses of remaining snow brought me back to reality.
We have a few months before spring, but I don’t mind if I can keep catching fish through the winter!

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