Sam got a canoe, so on Sunday morning I rolled up to his house bright and early, a kayak strapped to my roof. We were getting the fleet back together.

We had a fairly difficult time launching, due to all the ice. I assumed the role of human ice-breaker. I’ve never loved my 5mm neoprene waders more than that moment.
We fished for a while, or more accurately tried to fish. Although the river was mostly “open” in this section, it was full of small shards of ice floating downstream. It was impossible to get a crankbait or little jig deep enough through all the little ice.
The air was cold but the sun was shining; it was a great day to be outside. The temperature was against us- my spinning rod was covered in ice after a few casts, even more than the big guides on my fly rod ever get. My paddle would melt every time I paddled  and instantly freeze when it came out of the water. My depth finder told me the water was 32°F; it seemed pretty accurate to my hands when I adjusted the transducer! My little hair jig became a sharp dagger when I pulled it out of the water; ice was all over my kayak. Even though we weren’t catching any fish, this seemed pretty hardcore. Or dumb.
I’m going to stick with hardcore.
After a while we decided to cut our losses and head back to dry land. I didn’t regret our little outing at all- last year I wanted to take the kayak out in February but never ended up doing it. It’s good to have a fishing buddy that is as insane or more insane than I am.

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