39 days ago, I went to the doctor for a weird feeling in my throat, and he identified it as acid reflux and said to cut out all caffeine and alcohol intake.
My reflux has improved drastically; for more than a week I haven’t even been taking acide reducers, and my throat is mostly fine. After my checkup/physical today, I asked my doc what he thought me going back on coffee.

He asked if it was the taste or the caffeine I wanted; of course I said both. He suggested I start with decaffeinated coffee, and if that doesn’t do it for me move up to half-caf. A blasphemy, yes (I remember saying “What is the point of decaf coffee??” in the past) but at least I’d be drinking some coffee and a tiny bit of caffeine.
At the grocery store it was impossible to find whole bean, dark roast decaf coffee. I guess I’m still a coffee snob. The majority of decafs were “light roast” or “breakfast roast,” which I knew wouldn’t do it for me flavor-wise. Finally I found some french roast decaf, but it was already ground. I cut my losses, grabbed it, and headed out of the store as quickly as I could, grabbing some donuts on the way out.
I got home, grabbed a tiny french press I borrowed from the mother-in-law (thanks again!!) and brewed a tiny pot of decaf coffee as quickly as I possibly could.

I poured it into a mug, not quite filling it to the top. It was beautiful and brown and foamy.
I drank it and it was wonderful. I ate two of the donuts and they went great with the coffee. The delicious dark drink, caffeinated or not, was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed savored the cup of coffee, taking in the aromas and tasting the bitter roastiness of the beans.
At that point, it really was about the flavor. It’s so good.
I think the few milligrams of caffeine within the dark slurry affected me, but likely not so much I won’t be able to nap on command, or have issues with my throat.
For now, at least, I think I can handle a single cup a day of this magical beverage. It’s just so great.

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