the song in Ableton Live

Yesterday was one of those days when I remember I have lots of interests- not just fishing.
Throughout the course of the day, I cooked two meals (spicy shrimp pasta for lunch and beer-battered fish and chips for dinner), went fishing after work (unsuccessfully), tweaked my fishing log web app, and created a new song. And it’s not even a fishing song.
I started by trying to emulate a Roland TR-303 bass synth in Ableton Live, but I liked it so much I kept going. A few drum machines and synths later, I had something of a track. As with a lot of electronic music, it doesn’t follow the normal song conventions of verse-verse-chorus-bridge- it’s more horizontal. It’s about the development over time.
here's what makes the bassline
here’s part of what makes the bassline

Sometimes it’s nice to make something that just grooves. No fancy jazz chords, no virtuosic improvised solos; just four-to-the-floor with some squelching acid bass.

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