I don’t have any pictures or video from my Saturday afternoon paddle. My GoPro wasn’t charged and I never busted out my phone to snap any shots.
I paddled around the small lake, threading worms onto my hook and tossing it into the lilypads. I forgot  to bring a bobber, so I used one of those floaty things for your car keys. Worked great.
I caught a lot of bluegills and kept the biggest ones. I don’t have any pictures of where they came from, but I have one of where they ended up.
I filleted them as soon as I got home. The other day at lunch I dunked them in flour, then egg, then my own cornmeal-based seasoned breading and pan-fried them in a hot cast iron pan. I ate them simply with horseradish mayo and they were delicious.
As I ate them I appreciated their eagerness to take my bait and their spunkiness on the end of my line. I also appreciated their tastiness.
I considered how they would have ended up had I not caught them and quickly killed them: probably a meal for a toothy pike or bass, maybe in the beak of some water bird.
I guarantee they were tastier this way, and suspect this was a nicer end for them than being eaten alive.

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