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Some people doodle. While they’re waiting for files to upload, while on hold, or while taking a sanity break from their task at hand, some folks might scribble some lines here and there.
I doodle too, but only sometimes with pen and paper. I like to doodle with sounds. Instead of clearing my mind with an abstract drawing, I refresh myself with some musical sketches on the computer.
Just like pen and ink sketches, some of it is complete, some is weird, and some is barely recognizable as anything. For the past year, I’ve been collecting these sketches, saving them away in various Dropbox folders.
But why keep them locked away? I usually judge my own music by how much I enjoy listening to it; If I’ll put it on repeat and enjoy it every time, it’s ready for more ears than my own.
These tracks passed that test.
They are a kind of free-association; This is music I made when left to my own devices, when given absolutely no restrictions or guidelines. No theme (like dub, Christmas, or funk). The past year I listened to a lot of dub, minimal techno, left-field hip-hop, country, and funk music. In some way, all those influences make their way into my music, albeit often in strange and possibly unrecognizable ways. (Editor’s note: I don’t think my country listening made much of an impact on this particular album)
This music all started as “playing around”– just grabbing samples, software instruments, a microphone– and recording it, generally keeping whatever came out and developing it into something that resembles a “song.” Like a slowed-down improvisation; instead of a saxophone and chord changes, I used a laptop and synthesizers. A lot of the best parts were accidents: the computer looped a sample “incorrectly,” my audio interface had a glitch, I played the wrong chord– I kept those accidents and used them. Like the burnt parts of homemade pizza, they add character and flavor.
Much of this music happened before 8am– while drinking my morning coffee, before I embarked on my work-from-home-commute (walking into a different room). Some of it happened late at night, after the wife and dog had both gone to sleep and I descended into the basement studio to lay down some tracks. Some of it even happened in between support calls about broken scanners and messed up websites.
It’s probably not for everybody; in some ways, this album is just for me. That said, I hope you enjoy my doodling! Stream it/download it/share it for free from here or my music site.

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