Last night’s patch: Generative sequencing (mostly) without a sequencer! An oscillator goes into a divider which spits out divisions (/2, 3, 4, etc) which then goes into a multiplexer (fancy Sequencing mixer). Basically it takes 8 inputs and sends one of those to the output. In this case it is taking 8 divisions of the main oscillator and sending 1 out at a time, which sounds like arpeggios! Which input makes it to the output is controlled by a bunch of clocks and inverters to make things interesting. Everything is clocked with 16th note pulses from an arduino connected to a raspberry pi running Pure data, which is connected to ableton link. That’s how the drums on my phone- from elastic drums- are in time with the modular. The root pitch of the oscillator is modulated by a r/2r ladder, which takes the output of a shift register and converts it to an analog signal (I think part of the buchla source of uncertainty is similar to this). I do use a regular linear sequencer in this patch, but only to modulate the amount of dry arpeggios we hear vs amount of low pass filtered. #synthdiy #generative #electro

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