I like to DIY. I built my own synthesizer, I run my own webserver, and I pickle my own pickles (sometimes). I really, really like learning new things. Lately I’ve been learning more about internet privacy, security, and the nitty-gritty code-stuff that makes the Internet work.

The past few days I’ve been reading a lot about the “Indie Web,” and it is really resonating with me. There’s a lot of jargon but this person has some nice sentences:

Is there a better and more robust solution than these multitudes of social media sites which all come with their own onerous terms of service, limitations on your creativity, reach, ownership, and control of your online identity?

A growing number of people on the web are sure there is and they’re working together in an open yet coordinated way to improve the democratized nature of the decentralized internet. This movement is known as the IndieWeb.

Chris Aldrich

I spun up a new WordPress installation at https://chrisbeckstrom.com/feed to get into this IndieWeb thing. I installed a bunch of plugins that make it do cool stuff, like grab comments out there on Twitter and Facebook and stick them back on my site.

I used to write long-form blog posts regularly, usually about fishing adventures. Perhaps I’ll get back into that, maybe with some combination of long-form (“blog posts”), microblogging (“status updates”), and random shares (“listening to…”, “reading…”). I like the idea of a decentralized, more free Internet. I’d love to be a part of it!

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