I’m a bit obsessed with the North Country Trail. I’ve decided to try for the Hike 50 challenge – hike 50 miles on the trail in 2018. I usually walk through the woods on deer paths… It sure is nice to hike on such a nice trail! No bushwhacking needed. This weekend I hiked about 6 miles on the NCT. Only 44 more to go!

99% sure this Dr. Suess-looking plant is angelica. There are about 15 plants, most very tall, growing on our property.

A mushroom right on the North Country Trail. Maybe some kind of really young puffball?

Discovered the largest concentration of black raspberries I’ve ever seen… and almost every plant is loaded with berries!

Birthday dinner at Jolly Pumpkin. Sour beer! My favorite was the Biere de Mars.

Transplanted some wild lemon balm. Fingers crossed. It smells amazing. It’s looking a lot better today after a few waterings.

Mushrooms found in Aman Park.

Sand Creek is very sandy and, as far as I can tell, mostly devoid of trout.

So many ferns!

I did find one trout thought, my first one caught on a jig. It still has some parr marks even though it is an adult.

It was hanging out in that darker water.

Beer and pacifier: Parent stuff.

Explored a new stretch of my favorite local trout stream. My net, which I lost somewhere during my wade, might be somewhere in this picture. As I waded upstream I spooked about 25 good-sized trout from around that brush pile on the right. I’d never seen so many trout in one place!

NCT trailhead.

It’s blurry because I was getting viciously attacked by hordes of mosquitoes and deer flies.

Golden oyster mushrooms! Growing just off the North Country Trail. I wonder how they will pair with trout.

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