I’m making progress on hiking (at least) 50 miles of the North Country Trail in 2018. So far I’ve traveled 13 miles and spent 9 hours on the trail (I’m a slow hiker). Only 37 miles to go!

I’m infatuated with this trail. Being able to traverse large swaths of undeveloped, natural forests on a very nice hiking trail isΒ  fantastic. As I’ve mentioned, I usually bushwhack, following deer trails and stumbling through brambles. Being able to casually walk deep into the woods without crashing through underbrush makes the whole experience incredibly enjoyable.

south of Lowell, near the Grand River
A rail bridge over the Grand River
You can practically _see_ how hot and humid it was this day
First ripe mulberries spotted, just off the trail!
Stunning views of the Flat River from high up on the trail, in the Lowell State Game Area
Our region isn’t too hilly, which makes it all the more fun to hike a trail like this. Steep on both sides!
Chicken of the woods! I left it there because I didn’t realize what it was, and also this part of the trail was on private property
wild grapes
A few eastern red cedars (“juniper”) hanging out in a meadow
These forests have high ceilings
I have no idea what this means, but I found these little metal things on a few trees. Anybody know what they are?

Overlooking the Flat River
Good thing I’m short
Pale chicken of the woods! My largest mushroom find yet. It might be a bit old, but I’m going to give it a shot and see if it really does taste like chicken
Found this geocache, or as the owner describes it, “letterbox”
My new favorite hat! I removed the Carharrt logo and sewed on a North Country Trail patch
Blackberries, I think

Although our area isn’t generally too hilly, sometimes there are some great views to be found

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