I’m well on my way to hiking 50 miles of the North Country Trail! Here are my current stats:

North Country Trail Hike 50
miles hiked: 16.39
time on trail: 10:31:24
remaining miles: 33.61

My most recent hike was north of Lowell in Fallasburg County Park. I’ve visited this park many times, primarily for fishing, but have never hiked the trails. At first the trail was wide and open, but once I crossed the Flat River it got very thin and difficult.

As a beginner trail hiker, I found this to be a bit challenging! I suppose that’s good though; after all, I want to get better, faster, and fitter. This hike was a little more than 3 miles. I was tired at the end, but not totally exhausted. Progress!

Fallasburg NCT elevation profile

I found a bunch of hickory nuts on this part of the trail, which I later used to try and dye some stuff. Didn’t work very well, but it was an interesting experiment.

A bunch of people were standing in a field painting the river.

The pedestrian bridge under Fallasburg under McPherson Street, which I believe was constructed specifically for the North Country Trail.

This trail went through lots of marshy areas. I saw some little springs that dripped down into the Flat.

There were also a few rocky brook crossings.

The ascent to Fallasburg Park Drive was steep and rocky!

At the top! I took a break, chugged some water, and caught my breath. This is the last picture of my ugly canvas hiking pack before I dyed it brown and waxed it to make it semi-water resistant (more on that later).

The Flat River. Beautiful, shallow, and full of smallmouth bass.

Somebody’s been eating these mushrooms, and it’s not me!

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