It was $25 on Amazon. It has bug netting. It is made of nylon parachute material and weighs about a pound and a half. I carry it around in my backpack and hang it all over the place!

It’s amazing. It can turn any pause on a hiking trail into an impromptu campsite. It’s extremely comfortable, and I haven’t even come close to falling out of it. I don’t expect to ever fall out- because it lacks a pesky spreader bar, it’s much more stable.

It also blends in pretty well in the woods.

Can you find the hammock in this picture?

What about this one?

I’ve spent one full night in it, and many non-night hours in it. I can set it up in about 2 minutes, about 5 if I use the bug netting.

You can use it where a tent would be impossible: rough ground, sloping angles, rocks, or a daddy long-legs-infested island (let me tell you from recent experience, I’m glad I had a hammock and not a tent on the ground. Who knew there could be so many of them in one place!?)

This hammock is my new favorite piece of gear!

Although I got it so I could camp without having to set up a big tent myself (I find them challenging) it turns out it is excellent on its own terms. I may never camp in a tent again!

Also, June the almost-one-year-old loves it too. 😍😍😍

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