I’m elated to share that a piece I wrote, commissioned by Dr. Chris Van Hof, will be premiered today at the 2018 International Trombone Festival in Iowa City, Iowa this afternoon at 2pm!

The piece, called “Make More Noise with this One Weird Trick”, features trombone and bass trombone playing a variety of extended techniques, virtuosic jazz-influenced lines, and repetitive techno-style complex rhythms. The piece is written in an electro style (remember Afrika Bambaataa’s “Planet Rock”? That’s electro). I used a variety of techniques to write the piece, everything from piano with pencil and paper, to algorithmic coding using Tidal Cycles, and iPad apps run through heavy tube distortion. “Make More Noise…” also heavily features my homemade modular synthesizer; practically all the sounds aside from the trombones come from my synth. Read more details about the piece here: https://chrisbeckstrom.com/music/musical-projects/make-more-noise-with-this-one-weird-trick/

I’m grateful to Chris for thinking of me for this project, and wish Chris and Evan the best of luck today! If you happen to be in Iowa City today, check this out. It will be noisy, funky, and knowing these guys, expertly performed.


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