Love it. Nextcloud is great, and getting better and more secure everyday.

“Bhartiya: The political landscape is changing in the US, UK, and Europe, which will have a deeper impact on surveillance, security and privacy. Does it worry you? If it does, how does Nextcloud offer some assurance that we still have tools to protect privacy and security.

Willems: At Sendin we consider Nextcloud the perfect answer to such developments. Nextcloud empowers you to control your own data whether your store your data on your own computers or at a hosting company.”

Replied to Nextcloud is the best solution that the market offers nowadays: CEO Sendin (Chris Beckstrom)

ah, cool! thanks for the explanation (and for all the great stuff you create and share with the community!) Your website and its content have been very inspirational to this Indieweb newbie!

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Nice work, your site looks great! Congrats on going “full #IndieWeb!”

I wouldn’t ask your average social media user to do all the things I had to do to make this happen.

Totally. It feels pretty cutting edge to me! Hopefully we can build some sort of critical mass and get regular users using this stuff too. seems like a step in the right direction, and maybe someday we can get the big silos to support webmentions.

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really great, easy-to-understand information about why it’s important to also use "https" instead of "http"!

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I tend to get really excited about stuff, it’s true! Thanks for your (and all the other awesome #IndieWeb folks’) help. I’m sure I’ll have more questions soon!

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