Beck Dub

A Beckstrom-themed dub-splosion.

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released August 14, 2012


Chris Beckstrom – drums, bass, electric guitar, saxophones, melodica, monotrons, organ, electric piano, percussion, glockenspiel, synthesizer, upright piano, spring reverb, production
Anthony Bracco – electric guitar
Garrett McGinn – electric bass
Benje Daneman – trumpet
José Ricuarte – congas

who played on what?
1) Stepper Dub – GMcG: bass / AB: gtr / CB: sax, drums, keys, etc.
2) Lujon – AB: gtr / CB: bass, sax, keys, drums, other stuff
3) Chill Dub – AB: gtr / CB: bass, monotrons, keys, drums, the rest
4) More Cowbell Dub – BD: tpt solo/ JR: congas / CB: bass, drums, keys, melodica, etc.
5) One Drop Dub – GMcG: bass / AB: gtr / BD: tpt / CB: melodica, drums, keys, sax, the rest
6) Rocksteady Dub – GMcG: bass / AB: gtr / BD: tpt / CB: drums, melodica, organ, sax, other stuff you hear
7) Tighten Up – AB: gtr / CB: organ, drums, bass, synth solo, etc.
8) Shuck and Jive – AB: gtr, gtr solo / BD: tpt / CB: bass, drums, keys, the rest

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