Beckstrom Holiday Extravaganza Volume IV

** All profits will be donated to The LGBT Network of West Michigan **
Check them out at http://www.grlgbt.orgThe sound of the holidays straight from inside Chris’s head.

The fourth helping in a buffet of holiday tunes and synthesizers, cranberry relish and delay units, roast beef and vocoders is sure to fill your ears with the sweet sounds and flavors of the holidays.

Stream the whole thing right here, or download and support a great cause; share with your friends and neighbors!

It’s probably better than fruitcake.

read the complete “liner notes” here:


released December 1, 2012

Chris Beckstrom: melodica, keyboards, saxophone, monotron, electric bass, drums, vocals, pandeiro, samples, synthesizers, electric guitar, vocoder, production, holiday cheer

Produced by Chris and Claire Beckstrom
created in Ableton Live

Recorded/produced October 22-November 30, 2012

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