Musical projects

I make a lot of music and do a lot of music-related stuff.

This page lists all the music I’ve made that isn’t necessarily tied to a particular release or album (for that, check out my albums page here), as well as other music-related projects (like building a modular synthesizer).

Want to see absolutely everything musical I do? Check out my main music page here.

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Make More Noise With This One Weird Trick
A piece for trombone duo and electronics, premiered at the Internal Trombone Festival
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The Modular
Contents1 I built a modular synthesizer from scratch!1.1 …And you can too!1.1.1 A synthesizer doesn’t have to be expensive, and
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Technophilia for brass quintet
A techno piece for brass quintet, commissioned by Vice City Brass
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Super Bernie
Super Bernie is a free to play iOS™ and Android™ game where you help lead the way in the political
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