Love it. Nextcloud is great, and getting better and more secure everyday.

“Bhartiya: The political landscape is changing in the US, UK, and Europe, which will have a deeper impact on surveillance, security and privacy. Does it worry you? If it does, how does Nextcloud offer some assurance that we still have tools to protect privacy and security.

Willems: At Sendin we consider Nextcloud the perfect answer to such developments. Nextcloud empowers you to control your own data whether your store your data on your own computers or at a hosting company.”

Replied to Nextcloud is the best solution that the market offers nowadays: CEO Sendin (Chris Beckstrom)

I like to tinker, whether it's analog circuits or CSS code. Since I launched the newest version of my website this past March, it's been more or less permanently under construction. A while back I started learning PHP, thinking that it would help me learn to code, and be useful in tweaking all those web… Read more...

Read It’s Creepy When Parents Say Their Babies Are 'Flirts' by Leigh Anderson (Scary Mommy)
If you're reading this, you're probably already pissed that I'm making something out of such an innocuous comment about a baby, like, 'She's such a flirt!'
If you're a parent of a young kid, especially a female kid, how many times have you heard "oh she's flirting with you!" or "She's such a flirt"? My kid is just slightly more than a year old and I've heard this a bunch. Surely there are more grating phrases folks can say, but this… Read more...

As I wrote earlier, I've got the genealogy/family history bug. I've had a fairly successful time putting together information on much of my family. I've learned which part of Germany the Jarchows (my Dad's great-great grandparents) came from: Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. I've learned that my Mom's great grandfather, James T. Frew – whose grandparents were born in… Read more...

β€˜”When it comes right down to it, we believe people need to be able to live a dignified life. I mean, there are certain things that should not be left up to the market,” she said.

Removing some parts of the economy from the forces of the free market, for example. In other words, socialism.’