On my way to Birmingham, Alabama!

I’m drinking a Cuvée René by Lindemans

I think this is officially my favorite beer. Sour, complex, very bubbly (it has a cork AND a cap!) so much going on. So good. Every time I drink it I taste different things.

“I started the book several years ago by doing collective searches on keywords around different community identities. I did searches on “black girls,” “Asian girls,” and “Latina girls” online and found that pornography was the primary way they were represented on the first page of search results. That doesn’t seem to be a very fair or credible representation of women of color in the United States. It reduces them to sexualized objects.”


“We have built our business on a very simple proposition: we proudly charge money in exchange for providing a service. This means our loyalties are not split. We exist to serve your needs.

Our top three values are all about exactly this. You are our customer, your data belongs to you, we are good stewards of your data.”

I recently switched from Gmail to Fastmail and it’s fantastic. And since I pay for it, I can be fairly sure I am the customer, not advertising companies.


Our kid is NINE MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!! so we are having a 9 month birthday celebration at a brewery. she digs it

Much of the time when I go hiking it’s probably more accurately described as “forest bathing,” as pretentious as that sounds. I usually walk slowly, pay close attention to my environment, and stop often. I regularly sit under a tree to do my daily meditation. Learning to forage also encourages awareness: I’m always looking out for edible plants, most of which are easily missed on a quick and vigorous hike.
At any rate, this practice- whatever you want to call it- is a regular feature in my mental health toolkit. You should try it too! If you’re in the GR area and want to give it a shot, I know a handful of very relaxing and beautiful areas that are perfect for this.