I want to protect your privacy!

This website does not use Google (Google Analytics) or Jetpack/WordPress tracking. I’d prefer not to help Google acquire information about you, and I don’t feel comfortable sending all your data to WordPress (via Jetpack).

Without any sort of tracking whatsoever, the only way I’d know if anybody was visiting my site is if they leave comments.

For now, however, I would like a bit more information; I’m interested in what posts folks are reading, what pages they are linking to, etc. I’d like to generate helpful, useful, and interesting content, and knowing what folks are reading will help.

As a compromise, I’ve installed Piwik/Matomo, a privacy-focused traffic engine. This is an open source traffic program that runs on my home server. Logs are minimal and your browsing data is not sent anywhere. Using Piwik/Matomo will allow me to gain an understanding of page views on my site while respecting your right to browse without giant corporations assembling a profile of you.

Here are the bullet points for this website:

  • If your browser is set to “do not track,” it won’t track you, and I won’t know if you view my website unless you leave a comment. If you’d like, you can leave anonymous comments. (Here’s how to enabled “do not track” in your browser)
  • Otherwise, my site will record your visit but anonymize your IP address (it won’t save the full IP address from which you are viewing the site).


Here is an embedded iframe thing that will hopefully allow you to opt-out:


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