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My brain is wired a bit differently than most other brains. I have synesthesia, a neurological condition where one sensory input can cause me to have more than one sensory experience.

For me this manifests itself in many different ways, but probably the easiest to understand is that I literally see every sound I hear. I don’t listen to music so much as I watch it happen.

The particulars of this mixing of senses are different for every synesthete. Some synesthetes hear sound when they look at a painting. Others see colors and shapes when they smell something. Others still have an extremely detailed and automatic three-dimensional concept of time.


This is a collection of writings about my synesthesia. Over the years it has come up many times, and people always have a million questions- and rightly so; it’s a complicated topic!

Originally I wrote this as a quick primer, a way to quickly explain to anybody interested how I experience the world and how my synesthesia affects literally everything I do. Over time I have added more explanations and visual aids, revised my descriptions, and included more details to help provide a more thorough picture of the way my brain works.

Synesthesia has gone from an obscure and unknown medical condition to a topic frequently covered by PBS, the BBC, and even Buzzfeed. There is more information about it than ever, but most only introduce that it exists; few go into any depth in terms of specifics or how it affects synesthetes’ lives.

My goal in writing this is to describe my synesthesia as thoroughly as possible.

Other synesthetes who may have similar synesthetic experiences but less free time to write about them can simply point their friends here for an example. Non-synesthetes can come here to learn more about synesthesia.

I hope my documentation and visual aids are helpful, enlightening, and if nothing else provide some fun times reading about a neurological oddity.

This is an ongoing project

Note October 2017: I’m actively adding more content here; currently most of the documentation involves sound and graphemes, but I will be elaborating on my colored taste, touch, and smell.


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Spatial Forms


  • Colored taste


  • Colored smell


  • Colored touch

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