Music: It’s All About Synesthesia

Every single thing I do in any way related to music is completely informed by my synesthesia

It sounds kind of ridiculous, but instruments (and other things that make noise) are the most exciting flashlights ever. Playing music is like painting with fire, but way less dangerous. Recording and mixing is like creating worlds of color that shoot out from speakers or headphones; cutting up samples and pasting them together is more fun than any physical collage I can think of.

One of the best ways to describe how I feel about my colors and music comes from a recent Pitchfork article:

“…And when I ask [Carol] Steen why so many synesthetes seem to be finding their way to careers in the arts nowadays instead of becoming physicists or lawyers, her answer is simple: ‘If you were surrounded by color all of your life, and it really thrilled you, wouldn’t you want more of it?'”

I get so much enjoyment from sound/color; I love jazz music for the way the chord changes move and I can paint by numbers through them. I gravitate toward electronic music because of the possibility of much stranger and more interesting (to look at) sounds and textures than with conventional instruments. I enjoy repetitive music like techno and Cuban music; I watch the patterns as they evolve, sort of like watching a big machine work, or staring at a Piet Mondrian painting. It can be hypnotizing and inexplicably satisfying.

I love looking at sounds.

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