I have been experimenting with algorithmic composition quite a bit lately, and this really resonates with me:

“In many ways, AI helped me become more creative, evolving my role into something resembling more of an editor or director. I gave AI direction (in the form of data to learn from or parameters for the output), and it sends back raw material, which I then edit and arrange to create a cohesive song. It also allowed me to spend more time on other aspects of the creation process like the vocal melodies, lyrics, and music videos. It’s still creative, just different.”

Algo-Rhythms: The future of album collaboration

[caption id="attachment_7260" align="aligncenter" width="1431"] the song in Ableton Live[/caption] Yesterday was one of those days when I remember I have lots of interests- not just fishing. Throughout the course of the day, I cooked two meals (spicy shrimp pasta for lunch and beer-battered fish and chips for dinner), went fishing after work (unsuccessfully), tweaked my fishing… Read more...