Much of the time when I go hiking it’s probably more accurately described as “forest bathing,” as pretentious as that sounds. I usually walk slowly, pay close attention to my environment, and stop often. I regularly sit under a tree to do my daily meditation. Learning to forage also encourages awareness: I’m always looking out for edible plants, most of which are easily missed on a quick and vigorous hike.
At any rate, this practice- whatever you want to call it- is a regular feature in my mental health toolkit. You should try it too! If you’re in the GR area and want to give it a shot, I know a handful of very relaxing and beautiful areas that are perfect for this.

Quick lunch and hike (mental health break!)

Spring is my favorite time of year: winter is over, green things are starting to grow, and being outdoors isn’t quite so uncomfortable.

I couldn’t capture a picture of the turkey I saw (it saw me first) but I found a few snapshots of spring in the West Michigan woods.

Last year’s berries and flowers, worse for the wear. Sassafras and black raspberry lie dormant but are still striking in their bright green and purple hues.

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