“It doesn’t matter if Facebook, Google and the rest have no malicious intent, or if they really do want to “bring the world closer together”, or “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”, or “develop services that significantly improve the lives of as many people as possible”. We need to be free and independent agents of our selves.”

I’d like to think that every post made on a blog outside the Facebook and Google ecosystems, each time somebody tries some open source software, and every time somebody installs an ad blocker are small acts of defiance; steps toward a freer internet.


I'm Chris Beckstrom.   I make music, I build synthesizers, I do stuff outside, in the kitchen, and on the internet.         [envira-gallery slug="about_gallery"] Like everyone, I'm a lot of things. Here is a list of some of them: I'm a musician, composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, and lover of sounds. I release… Read more...
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Nice work, your site looks great! Congrats on going “full #IndieWeb!”

I wouldn’t ask your average social media user to do all the things I had to do to make this happen.

Totally. It feels pretty cutting edge to me! Hopefully we can build some sort of critical mass and get regular users using this stuff too. Micro.blog seems like a step in the right direction, and maybe someday we can get the big silos to support webmentions.

What is this? This is my personal homepage. Yes, I know that sounds a bit like 1998, and with good reason: back in 1998, it was common practice for individuals to build their own (crude) websites (geocities anybody?) and share their deepest thoughts and most garish color schemes. When social media giants like Facebook and… Read more...

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The algorithm narrows the presentation of the content down to very close family. Then my mom’s sister sees it and clicks “like” moments later. Now Facebook’s algorithm has created a self-fulfilling prophesy and further narrows the audience of my post. As a result, my post gets no further exposure on Facebook other than perhaps five… Read more...