Spring is my favorite time of year: winter is over, green things are starting to grow, and being outdoors isn’t quite so uncomfortable.

I couldn’t capture a picture of the turkey I saw (it saw me first) but I found a few snapshots of spring in the West Michigan woods.

Last year’s berries and flowers, worse for the wear. Sassafras and black raspberry lie dormant but are still striking in their bright green and purple hues.

[caption id="attachment_8132" align="aligncenter" width="700"] adventure![/caption] Generally, I don't like soda (ahem, excuse me, I live in Michigan again– what I meant to say was "pop"). I'll drink a Coke every now and again, but I usually drink water, coffee, or beer– sometimes juice. I sort of like root beer but not really; It's so sweet. That… Read more...